Loom Bands

Majestic Sports Brands now sells the hot new trend of Loom Bands at low wholesale prices. At Majestic Sports Brands we carry an array of vibrant different colored Loom bands, as well as Loom Band Kits on our website at www.esportsitems.com. Get creative with our wholesale loom bands 300 count in each package with 12 clips. Loom Bands are great for creating unique and amazing rings, necklaces, bracelets, key chains, earrings, and anklets. Majestic Sports brands sells these looms bands in wholesale quantities of 12, 180, 360.


What is a Loom Band?


Loom Bands are latex and lead free rubber bands that use a loom and a hooked loom tool to weave an array of stylish unique jewelry. Each package of loom bands has 300 vivid colored rubber bands with 12 S clips to be used as a clasp. These loom bands are all the new rave, from children to adults enjoy creating their own unique handmade accessories.